Saturday 5th of May

National Preselections
Open Youth Standard
WDSF International Open Standard
WDSF Open Seniors I Latin
WDSF Open Seniors III Standards

09.00hr Opening Deuren / Ouverture des portes
10.00hr Voorstelling van de Jury /Presentation du Jury
10.05hr 1st Round SEN. DEB  A + B Std
10.13hr 1st Round SEN. / 1 B Std
10.23hr 1st Round SEN ./ 2 B Std
10.33hr 1st Round SEN. / 2 S + A Std
10.43hr 1st Round YOUTH OPEN Std
11.53hr FIN SEN. DEB  A Std
12.01hr FIN SEN. DEB B Std
12.07hr FIN SEN. / 1 B Std
12.17hr FIN SEN ./ 2 B Std
12.27hr FIN SEN. / 1 A Std
12.37hr 1st Round WDSF SEN III Std
13.07hr FIN SEN. / 2 S Std
13.17hr 1st Round JUN 6d Std+lat
13.29hr FIN YOUTH OPEN Std
13.59hr BREAK
14.13hr 1st Round SEN. / 3 A + S Std
14.23hr FIN JUN 6d Std+lat
14.35hr 1st Round SEN. / 4 S Std
14.45hr FIN SEN. / 3 A Std
14.55hr FIN SEN. / 3 S Std
15.05hr FIN SEN. / 4 S Std
15.15hr BREAK
15.30hr 1/4 Final WDSF SEN III Std
16.00hr 1st Round SEN. DEB  A + B Lat
16.08hr 1st Round SEN. / 1 A Lat
16.18hr 1st Round SEN. / 2 S Lat
16.30hr FIN SEN. DEB  A + B Lat
16.38hr FIN SEN. / 1 A Lat
16.48hr FIN SEN. / 2 S Lat
16.58hr 1/2 Final WDSF SEN III Std
17.18hr Remise des prix, Prijsuitrijking, Results
17.38hr 1st Round WDSF INT Open Std
18.08hr Final WDSF SEN III Std
18.23hr Results WDSF Senior III Standard
18.33hr 1st Round JUVENILES 4+6 d Std+lat
18.45hr 1st Round STARTKLAS + 35 Std
18.49hr 1st Round STARTKLAS -35 Std
18.53hr 1st Round STARTKLAS + 35 Lat
18.57hr 1st Round STARTKLAS -35 Lat
18.59hr 1st Round STARTKLAS + 35 Disco
19.01hr 1st Round STARTKLAS -35 Disco
19.03hr 1st Round STARTKLAS + 35 Salsa
19.05hr 1st Round STARTKLAS -35 Salsa
19.07hr FIN JUVENILES 4 d Std+lat
19.15hr FIN JUVENILES 6 d Std+lat
19.27hr REDANCE WDSF INT Open Std
19.47hr Remise des prix, Prijsuitrijking Results Juveniles 4 and 6 dances
19.57hr 1st Round ADULTS DEB A + B Std
20.05hr 1st Round ADULTS S Std
20.15hr BREAK
20.25hr 1/4 Final WDSF INT Open Std
20.55hr FIN STARTKLAS + 35 Std
20.59hr FIN STARTKLAS -35 Std
21.03hr FIN STARTKLAS + 35 Lat
21.07hr FIN STARTKLAS -35 Lat
21.11hr FIN STARTKLAS + 35 Disco
21.13hr FIN STARTKLAS -35 Disco
21.15hr FIN STARTKLAS + 35 Salsa
21.17hr FIN STARTKLAS -35 Salsa
21.19hr FIN ADULTS DEB A + B Std
21.27hr FIN ADULTS S Std
21.32hr Presentation Round WDSF SEN I Lat
21.37hr 1/2 Final WDSF INT Open Std
21.57hr BREAK
22.07hr 1st Round ADULTS DEB A + B Lat
22.15hr 1st Round JUN INT Lat
22.25hr 1st Round ADULTS S Lat
22.35hr FIN ADULTS DEB A + B Lat
22.43hr FIN JUN INT Lat
22.53hr FIN ADULTS S Lat
23.03hr FINAL WDSF SEN I Lat
23.18hr FINAL WDSF INT Open Std

Sunday 6th of May

Belgian 10 Dances Championships
Belgian U21 Championship Latin and Standards
Open Youth Latin
WDSF International Open Latin
WDSF Open Seniors II Standards

11.00hr Opening Deuren / Ouverture des portes
12.00hr Voorstelling van de Jury /Presentation du Jury
12.05hr 1st Round OPEN YOUTH Lat
12.15hr 1st Round Champ U21 Lat
12.25hr BREAK
12.40hr 1/2 Final WDSF SEN II Std
13.00hr FINAL Champ U21 Lat
13.30hr 1st Round Adults 10D Lat
13.40hr 1st Round Sen 10D Lat
13.50hr Démo Break 1
13.55hr BREAK
14.35hr 1st Round WDSF Int Open Lat
15.15hr 1st Round Champ U 21 Std
15.25hr Final WDSF SEN II Std
15.40hr 1st Round Sen 10D St
15.50hr 1st Round Adults 10D St
16.00hr REDANCE WDSF Int Open Lat
16.20hr FINAL Champ U 21 Std
16.35hr Démo Break 2
16.40hr Results and Prize Presentation WDSF Senior II Standard
16.50hr BREAK
16.55hr 1/4 Final WDSF Int Open Lat
17.25hr FINAL Sen 10D St
17.40hr FINAL Adults 10D St
17.55hr Démo Bachata
18.00hr BREAK
18.15hr 1/2 Final WDSF Int Open Lat
18.35hr FINAL Sen 10D Lat
18.50hr FINAL Adults 10D Lat
19.05hr FINAL WDSF Int Open Lat
19.20hr Remise des prix , prize presentation and honour dances
19.45hr Bye, Bye, see you next year



Free participation at International Open for Senior couples who have danced a WDSF Senior Competition.
Free participation at Open Youth Competition for couples who have danced a WDSF International Open Competition